Top Running Backs - 2015 Daily Fantasy Football Rankings

Top Daily Fantasy Football RBs in 2015

Every fantasy football player knows that you need a solid running back for your team. The same goes for DAILY fantasy football, although how running backs are ranked is a little bit different in a daily league.

Depending on which site you play at will help you gauge which running back to look for. At our affiliate partner, for example, a catch is worth 1 fantasy point so a three down running back that catches the ball a lot will be more valuable than a RB that simply rushes for a lot of yards. If you are playing at a site like, you will want to check the scoring for fantasy running backs to see how each of your picks will help your team. Bottom line - the scoring system of your chosen daily fantasy football site will determine the values of the top running backs for 2015.


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The list of top daily fantasy football running backs below has, for the most part, 3-down backs that are usually the highest priced salary cap players at the top daily fantasy football sites. If you can get one of these guys and pick up a lower cost RB that will score you some points, you should have a good shot at winning any daily fantasy football contest you enter.

Use these RBs if you are entering some of the HUGE cash fantasy football contests at either FanDuel or DraftKings.

2015 Daily Fantasy Running Back Rankings

Adrian Peterson1. Adrian Peterson (RB - Minnesota Vikings)

The bad news is that he missed all but 1 game in 2014 with his suspension. The good news is…he’s still Adrian Peterson. Will a year off from the NFL help or hurt him? Only time will tell, but he is still a fantasy monster and worth a look for your daily fantasy football team.


Le’Veon Bell 2. Le'Veon Bell (RB - Pittsburgh Steelers)

He would have been #1 if it weren’t for a suspension hanging over his head. He is a beast that runs and catches TDs in an offense that needs to score lots to keep up with the points the defense gives up. When back on the field, look to insert him into your DFS lineup.


Matt Forte3. Matt Forte (RB - Chicago Bears)

Other sites have Forte ranked lower, but other sites are ranking for standard full season fantasy football leagues. We play DAILY fantasy football and Forte is the glue in the Bears' offense. He can run the ball, but is also a fantasy points machine with his receiving points.


Jamaal Charles 4. Jamaal Charles (RB - Kansas City Chiefs)

There is no question about Charles’ ability as an NFL top running back. The problem is that the Chiefs are starting to use Knile Davis, which takes away from Charles’ numbers. He's still a great fantasy running back scoring hordes of DFS points, but won't be as consistent.


Marshawn Lynch5. Marshawn Lynch (RB - Seattle Seahawks)

Lynch is the Seahawks' 3-down back and will get plenty of fantasy points because of all his touches. However, keep in mind that there is a new TE in town and he’s pretty Lynch will lose a few red zone TDs this year. Lynch remains a solid daily fantasy football RB.


Eddie Lacy 6. Eddie Lacy (RB - Green Bay Packers)

Although Lacy is a great all-around RB that can run and catch, he only had three 100 yard games in 2014. The Pack likes to air it out and Lacy will only have value when they need to punch it in from the goal line. As a DFS RB he is worth taking if his salary cap number is low.


Arian Foster 7. Arian Foster (RB - Houston Texans)

Foster is a fantasy stud!...However, he has had injury issues the last 2 years and, although the Texans are a run first team because their QBs suck, Foster is prone to break down. Therefore, pick and choose your spots when to use him in your weekly fantasy leagues.


LeSean McCoy 8. LeSean McCoy (RB - Buffalo Bills)

McCoy had a down year in 2014 due to how the Eagles used him. Now in Buffalo, he will again be the "main man" – but Fred Jackson will be behind him looking for touches too. With a solid defense, the Bills may simply ground and pound the ball to win the ball control game.


Demarco Murray 9. Demarco Murray (RB - Philadelphia Eagles)

Murray is now in an offense that will score a ton of points. He was a fantasy monster last year, but is now on a team that has two capable backs, lightening Murray’s load and stealing away fantasy points. Murray will still be a solid pick, but not a guarantee for tons of points each week.


Jeremy Hill 10. Jeremy Hill (RB - Cincinnati Bengals)

Hill started as the backup last year in Cincinnati and eventually took over the starting job. He led the NFL in rushing the second half of the season. Hill is a one-dimensional player and will lose touches to backup Gio Bernard who is a better pass catcher out of the backfield.


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