Best Fantasy Football Leagues

What Are The Best Fantasy Football Leagues To Play?

Have you been hearing from friends and colleagues about Daily Fantasy Football yet? Daily Fantasy Football Leagues are designed to have all the aspects and enjoyment of regular fantasy football…in just one day.

Many have jumped on the Daily Fantasy Football bandwagon and have signed up to some of the Top Daily Fantasy Football Sites, but some have decided to stay with what they know…Full Season Fantasy Football Leagues.

The two biggest Daily Fantasy Football sites are and our affiiliate partner You will have seen ads on TV for them, read news stories about them and they are ranked #1 and #2 on list of Top Daily Fantasy Football sites. If you are going to play - Sign up to both of those first!

So what are the Best Fantasy Football Leagues to play Daily or Full Season?

We suggest avoiding full season fantasy football leagues. With a season long or full season fantasy football league you need to deal with injuries, factor in position battles, hope for no suspensions, pray for good weather, pray for even better weekly matchups, etc... On the plus side, you spend less time analyzing your team weekly and even less time if your team is so horrible that you are out of it by Week 5. You also have limited income earning potential, since if you have a crappy team, say "Bye-Bye" to your entry fee.

With Daily Fantasy Football Leagues, you can set a different lineup each week based on which players and player matchups you believe have the best potential to win that week. You can pick how many opponents to play and decide how much to wager. You may lose one week, but you may win others meaning that one or two bad weeks won’t cost you an entire fantasy football season of fun! You can basically enter a new fantasy football contest for 17 weeks of the football season and playoffs and have a chance to win every week. Some daily fantasy football sites even have leagues for just early games or late games each week.

Daily fantasy football does take a little more weekly analysis to really be a top fantasy money earner, but is spending more time studying your fantasy football stats really that bad?

Is there a Best Fantasy Football League?

That’s for you to decide.

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Sign up, it costs you nothing to try out the free games and see which is the best fantasy football league online for you.