Daily Fantasy Football Strategies - DFF Strategy Guide

Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Guide

For those of you that have grown up playing fantasy football you have been accustomed to full season fantasy football strategies that you follow. If you play daily fantasy football, most of those strategies are useless.

Daily Fantasy Football is a totally different game...you have a whole season of scouting to do for just one day's games. Weekly matchups become key and knowing how offenses and defenses work vs. each other becomes crucial.

Below is our Daily Fantasy Football Strategy Guide that will help you if you are just starting out playing daily fantasy football and also if you are a veteran looking for additional tips to help grow your career earnings playing daily fantasy football.

Basic Daily Fantasy Football Strategies

Know The Injury Report – This one should be the easiest...is your player playing?, is he hurt?, which backups will start in place of starters? The NFL injury report is updated almost up until game time, so don’t just set a daily fantasy football lineup on Friday and forget about it. This is not necessarily a "daily fantasy football strategy" as it is more due diligence.

What Does Joe The Weatherman Say? – Weather can change the way an offense plays. Windy, wet days mean that the QB will usually throw less and the running back gets all the plays. Is it cold?, are the games in a dome? – these are things you need to know instead of blindly picking top players.

Weekly NFL Matchups Matter – High scoring offenses against poor defenses, top NFL teams vs. bottom tier teams, picking a running back against a poor run defense, etc... These are the matchups you need to exploit to win your daily fantasy football league games. Our strategy is to study the matchups and make a list of players that you think can score the most fantasy points that day.

Salary Cap Strategies – Daily fantasy football players have different strategies for picking players in salary cap games. Some will pick players in the middle of the pack trying to average out their fantasy points, while some will fill their line up with the "Hi/Lo Method" by picking the top players, then scraping the low salaries in hopes they get some miracle points. Neither strategy is right or wrong, just focus on getting fantasy value with every pick. You should have a reason for each and every player being on your daily fantasy football team.

Advanced Daily Fantasy Football Strategies

Look In The Bargain Bin – If you are playing a salary cap daily fantasy football game, a top strategy is to scour from the bottom of the money list first and work your way up the salary grid. Backups that have been thrust into a starter role, players returning from suspensions and other anomalies can often be found because not all daily fantasy sites update their numbers right up until game time.

Your QB Is The Key To Winning $$$ - The QB will usually be the guy who gets you the most fantasy points. You will spend the most on a top QB, but given they touch the ball on every offensive play, they are certainly worth the money. Do your heaviest research on which QB that week has the best chance to throw up huge fantasy numbers and make him your priority pick.

Just Like Season Long Football Pools, Kickers Are Useless! – The difference between a top kicker and a low end kicker is marginal when it comes to cost in a daily fantasy football salary cap game. Our daily fantasy football strategy is to pick kickers playing in dome stadiums on highly offensive teams...but in the end, it is essentially a huge crapshoot as to how a kicker will perform on any given Sunday.

Defenses Have Some Value – Most daily fantasy football sites make you choose a defense. Just like kickers, the dollar spread between the top and bottom isn’t very large, so focus on defenses that are ranked at the top of the league and look for projected low scoring games that week for which team to choose. We like to look at the Vegas line for the Over/Under as it will usually be a strong indicator of high and low scoring games.

Would You Like To Make That A Combo? – Some professional daily fantasy football players will completely hedge their bets and pick their QB and then match them up with their #1 WR and/or the TE of the same team. Does this daily fantasy football strategy pay off? Sometimes yes, sometimes no…that’s where your research will come in handy...study the defensive backs and safeties of the opposing team.

Other DFF Strategies that will make You more money

Focus On Head to Head Games – Why fantasy football players chase big pots with huge competition numbers baffles me. In a head to head game, you theoretically have a 50% chance of winning if everything is based on luck. But, doing some homework, following the tips in our daily fantasy football strategy guide, and picking hot players, almost guarantees you a win. If you really want to earn a living playing daily fantasy football…play only head to head games.

The Vegas Boys Know Best – Odds makers set the lines for bettors so that the house ultimately has action equally on both sides so that they can simply collect the juice. If they believe that the game will be a high scoring affair, that would be a good sign to focus on players from those games. If you knew more than the Vegas boys, you would be rich by now! Check the lines regularly - like "all the time"!


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