Top Wide Receivers - 2017 Daily Fantasy Football Rankings

Top FanDuel and DraftKings Wide Receivers in 2017

FanDuel DraftKings Wide ReceiversThe Wide Receiver position in daily fantasy football can be both profitable and unpredictable on a weekly basis. Some weeks a WR will go for 10 catches, 150 yards and 3 TD’s and some weeks you’ll get a 3 catch 40 yard result to blow up your FanDuel cash games.

So how can you make the right wide receiver pick at DraftKings or FanDuel every week of the NFL Fantasy Football season? The Top 5 WR’s below are players that each week average the highest fantasy points and all have the weekly possibility to blow up for a boatload of points for your lineups. We've also added 5 more wide receivers for you to look at for your DFS lineups each week.

Remember to focus on wide receivers that have high reception totals at our affiliate partner DraftKings since they reward a full fantasy point for each catch.

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2017 Daily Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Antonio Brown (WR - Pittsburgh Steelers)

The only thing that hurts Antonio Brown’s fantasy numbers is when Big Ben is hurt and not playing. Brown and Ben are a lethal QB/WR stack most weeks and although you’ll pay up for both of them at DraftKings…they are usually worth it in the end.

2. Julio Jones (WR - Atlanta Falcons)

Of all the WR in the NFL – Julio Jones I think is the best! When the Falcons face bad defenses I almost expect 200 yard days from Jones. Weekly he just puts up the numbers for your FanDuel lineups.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. (WR - New York Giants)

Beckham could be the best wide receiver in the NFL - if he had a more consistent QB throwing to him than Eli Manning. The two do provide Beckham with some stellar numbers but it makes you wonder what could be!

4. AJ Green (WR - Cincinatti Bengals)

Until he got injured last year AJ Green looked like the best fantasy football pick for wide receivers. Andy Dalton always looks at Green first and if he’s not being double teamed…the ball usually gets to him. Tons of receptions each week which is great for the PPR fantasy points.

5. Mike Evans (WRs - Tampa Bay Bucs)

Mike Evans is now the #1 receiver for the Bucs and with a couple of new WR to help balance the offense, defenses won’t be able to double team Evans often allowing him to get even more targets. If Jameis Winston continues to improve – Mike Evans will just keep getting better.

5 Other Top WR Plays at FanDuel and DraftKings

Jordy Nelson (WR - Green Bay Packers)

The only reason Nelson isn’t in the Top 5 Rankings of Wide Receivers above is that the Packers have so many good WR - he can’t get as many touches. Don’t worry, he will still get you your fantasy numbers and stacking him with Rodgers is never a bad thing…just be wary that they may feed the ball to one of the other receivers that day instead.

Dez Bryant (WR - Dallas Cowboys)

Bryant was the poster boy of why daily fantasy football is better to play than season long leagues. Bryant would have been a first round pick last year for someone and he was a bust with injuries. Fortunately, for DFS purposes it doesn’t matter! Bryant is healthy coming into the 2017 NFL season and will be a fantasy stud again for your weekly lineups.

TY Hilton (WR - Indianapolis Colts)

Hilton lead the NFL in targets last year and there is no reason to think it won’t happen again. The Colts will have to outscore teams this year so look for Luck to be chucking 10+ times a game just to TY Hilton once again.

Amari Cooper (WR - Oakland Raiders)

Although he’s the more talented of the WR duo in Oakland (Crabtree being the other WR) he has been inconsistent. No doubt he is a great WR and 2017 will be his 3rd year in the NFL which historically has been the breakout year for wide receivers.

Michael Thomas (WR - New Orleans Saints)

The Saints have so much faith in Thomas that they traded away Brandin Cooks to make Thomas the #1. They also have some other fast wideouts so defenses won’t be able to double up Thomas much and we like Brees to basically make him his target machine this year.

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