ESPN Fantasy Football

Why Are You Still Playing ESPN Fantasy Football?

ESPN is arguably one of the most popular sites to play Fantasy Football at. Each new NFL season, hundreds of thousands of players flock to to play ESPN Fantasy Football.

The problem with ESPN Fantasy Football is that skill is really no longer involved when you are playing against so many other is all about pure luck.

So why are you still playing ESPN Fantasy Football?

In the past, you really only had a few choices of where to play online fantasy football games, but in recent years the daily fantasy football phenomenon has opened up a number of sites that cater to different types of games to play.


Why should you look at sites other than ESPN?

  • Depending on where you play, you can play weekly games or season long games.
  • Other sites offer free games or paid games.
  • You get a choice of playing a bunch of fantasy players, or playing someone head to head.
  • You can create your own private league for just you and your friends.


That’s a lot of flexibility that ESPN Fantasy Football doesn’t offer you!

Hey, we all started playing our free fantasy football games at ESPN or Yahoo and they are great sources of info for players, but when you compare how much money you can make playing at sites like our affiliate partner site or as opposed to ESPN, the answer becomes quite clear…It’s time to play somewhere else.

Not sure about The daily fantasy football sites?

Huge money is being pumped into these sites from Venture Capital companies because they have realized that this is the direction that fantasy football and all fantasy sports are taking.

ESPN Fantasy Football will always have players, but 99.9% will never win anything and will simply abandon their teams after the first month of the NFL season.

You should take the time to check out our partner DraftKings or FanDuel - they offer free fantasy football games and even have free fantasy football contests for cash prizes. The competition is much smaller than, so your odds of winning are drastically better.

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