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What Is Daily Fantasy Football?

You all know what Fantasy Football is, but throw in the word "DAILY" in front of it and that quizzical look appears for most... So What is Daily Fantasy Football? In simple terms, it is all the aspects of a normal fantasy football league done in "one day" or a weekend.

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With DAILY Fantasy Football you still...

  • Scout and research players
  • Draft a team of players
  • Play other fantasy owners in head to head (H-H) or larger leagues

The biggest difference from full season fantasy football is that you get to draft a new fantasy football team every week and play for a new prize pot every week. This provides you with some great advantages...

  • No more waiting until the end of the season to win
  • No more suffering through injuries that ruin the entire year
  • No more having a fantasy football season go down the tubes because of a poor start or 1 or 2 bad or unlucky choices
  • No more waiting for your fantasy football league members to "pay up" so that you can collect your winnings

What is the Best Part of Daily Fantasy Football?

The HUGE Cash Prizes that you can win!

Daily Fantasy Football sites like FanDuel.com offer Millions of dollars during each week of the NFL Fantasy Football Season!

Anymore Reasons to Play Daily Fantasy Football?

We all live busy lives and very few people can invest a whole NFL season dedicated to scouting, keeping up with waiver wires and dealing with trades. Daily Fantasy Football starts fresh each and every week and you can determine how often or how many games you play.

Speaking of games, depending on which Daily Fantasy Football League site you join you can choose from a variety of fantasy football games to play - Salary Cap, Pick’em, Snake Draft, Pick 5, and more…you can adapt your skills to which game suits you best and crush the competition!

Full season fantasy football leagues require a one-time payment, and if your team begins to fail you lose interest in it, and worst of all, you lose that money.

Daily Fantasy Football lets you play multiple games each week and you can set how much you want to spend. Games range from free games, $1, $2, $5, all the way up to $1000…you can set your weekly budget and draft fantasy teams accordingly.

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