Playing Multiple Fantasy Football Lineups - Top Strategy

Playing Multiple Fantasy Football Lineups

Fantasy Football StratagyWith Daily Fantasy Football prize pools getting into the Millions it’s becoming more like the lottery…the more tickets you play, the better your odds of winning! Our partner site DraftKings runs weekly contests where for $20 you can win a check for $1 Million. FanDuel has HUGE Fantasy Football contests as well including their Sunday Million which can make you rich for just $25.

Obviously you don’t want to just put one bullet into the chamber so you will play multiple fantasy football lineups so that you have a better chance of cashing in. But what is the best strategy to take down FanDuel’s big money contest or cash in at DraftKings? Keep reading and find out!

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Basic Daily Fantasy Football Strategies

Pick your Favorites for the week – Obviously you need to pick the best NFL players for the week. If you’ve done your research and you are ready to live and die with some of the guys you are high on then most likely you will build your lineups around them. If it’s a QB or an RB they will be in all your lineups (most likely). There are some fantasy players that when they make multiple lineups they will make completely different lineups but that means they may not cash in all of them and end up breaking even or losing money.

Would you like to make that a Combo? – Although this strategy can kill a fantasy football team, often players that cash in the BIG GPP’s have made a QB/WR combo…or a QB/WR/TE combo or some other variation. If you plan to target a QB and spend the salary cap dollars on him, may times it pays off to pair the QB with the #1 WR or in some cases the TE or even the #2 WR.  Basically you are committing to a QB to throw 3-4 TD’s and at least 2 of them going to a WR or TE. A couple of years back I cashed in nicely in one of FanDuel’s big GPP’s because I had a combo of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Gronk had been injured most of the season and he had been back 2 weeks with substandard numbers. I liked the matchup, went all in on the Brady/Gronk combo and BOOM…cash in my account!

Take advantage of that popular Sleeper Pick – It happens, a player in a good offense is declared out on Thursday and the backup (usually a RB) is pretty good. He is a basic salary cap cost which means one thing…his ownership will be through the roof! Yes everyone will have him (at least more than 50% will) but so what, if he has a monster day, then your odds of cashing in improve over the 50% that didn’t have him and if he turns out to be a fantasy bust then at least you stacked your lineup with other guys that will hopefully carry the load for you.

It’s fine to make the contrarian play but if you do your research and you still think he is a can’t miss fantasy stud that week then take him!

Playing Multiple Fantasy Football lineups can be hard and you can start to overthink your lineups but when you are competing for a Million Dollar 1st Place Prize…it is worth it to develop a fantasy football strategy that works for you!

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