2017 Week 9 NFL Fantasy Picks and Lineups

2017 NFL Week 9 Fantasy Football Picks

FanDuel and DraftKings Week 9 PicksBased on our fantasy picks the last two NFL weeks we may just shift our play to just making FanDuel picks since we’ve done a hell of a lot better in the FanDuel Sunday Million than in the DraftKings Fantasy Football Millionaire. (Both sites we are partners with).

Nevertheless, the allure of winning $1 Million keeps us playing at both fantasy football sites and as long as we are cashing in then just keep rolling with our lineups.

Some games in NFL Week 9 that we like for fantasy points are: Hou/Indy, NO/TB, Wash/Sea and ATL/Car. These are games that should produce the most scoring and the most chances for you to stack players and cash in either in GPP’s or cash games.

FanDuel Fantasy Picks for the Sunday Million

QB – Quarterback Picks

Derek Carr $7,800 – Although the Raiders don’t seem very good, Derek Carr’s fantasy numbers are still pretty solid. Miami is a team that they should be able to beat up on and with their run game not doing all that much, throwing in Carr could pay off nicely.

Kirk Cousins $7,500 – The Seahawks defense doesn’t really scare anyone and The Redskins will need to get into a bit of a shootout to try to keep up with a rejuvenated Seattle offense. Cousins is a decent salary cap price at FanDuel and make a nice FanDuel fantasy pick for NFL Week 9.

RB – Running Back Picks

Lamar Miller $7,500 - The Colts will be no match for the Texans this week and the best game plan for the Texans will be to keep the Colts defense on the field. Miller is the 3 down back and gets used to catch out of the backfield. He doesn’t have a high fantasy ceiling but he’s a reasonable price for a 3 down back that should get 100 yards in week 9.

Tevin Coleman $5,700 – Freeman is hurting and although he is most likely going to play in week 9, the Falcons may give Coleman a few more reps than normal to avoid injuring Freeman further. Facing the Panthers should mean that the Falcons will use the pass more and dump offs to the running back which will get Coleman a nice source of cheap fantasy points.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

Julio Jones $7,900 – If Atlanta is going to step up against the Panthers then Julio Jones needs to be the fantasy leader that gets him there. We know that he can do it and the Falcons will need to get him the ball in order to get the W this week.

Amari Cooper $6,900 – Cooper is really good…unfortunately his fantasy numbers don’t show it. If I am right about the Raiders trying to beat up on the Dolphins in week 9 then Carr only has two real choices of who to throw to – Crabtree or Cooper. Last week they both had almost identical numbers but I am willing to gamble that Cooper sees the ball more this week.

TE – Tight End Picks

Vernon Davis $5,400 – Jordan Reed is injured (what else is new) which means that Vernon Davis will be the go to TE for the Redskins. Davis is a cheap option to try out against the Seahawks this week and could break out if the wide outs are all covered by the corners and safeties.


Arizona Cardinals $4,900 – The 49er offense doesn’t scare anyone and if the Cardinals are going to win with Drew Stanton as QB for the injured Carson Palmer the Cardinals D needs to step up and win games for them. Against the 49ers this is a strong possibility especially this week with the changes in QB.

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DraftKings Fantasy Football Picks for Fantasy Football Millionaire

QB – Quarterback Picks

Russell Wilson $7,300 – Facing the Redskins and with no run game to speak of I would take Wilson for both his passing yards and rushing yards. He scored 39 points last week at DraftKings and should be a good DraftKings pick this week too!

Jacoby Brissett $5,200 – I don’t love Brissett as a QB bust facing a Texans team that has been giving up a ton of points, he is a low cost option that could go off and score some points this week.

RB – Running Back Picks

Alvin Kamara $6,300 – Ingram fumbled twice last week and Kamara has shown that he could lead the offense if Ingram wasn’t ahead of him. He is a bit of a speculative pick as Ingram is still the No. 1 option for the Saints but in a game that could see some scoring Kamara could be a nice GPP pick for the week.

Doug Martin $5,800 – Doug Martin is the clear #1 back for the Bucs and had a good day last week even though it wasn’t spectacular. He is a cheap price for a guy that is facing the Saints in what could be a high scoring game. He will be the #1 option in the rezone if they get there.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

Dez Bryant $6,400 – With Elliott back to being suspended the Cowboys may have to adjust their gameplan against the Chiefs. Although I don't love the prospects of Bryant against the Chiefs defense, he is a cheap price for your Fantasy Football Millionaire Contest lineup.

T.Y. Hilton $4,900 – If you are taking Brissett then why not stack him with Hilton. TY is getting the targets and should get a bunch more facing a Texans team that is giving up 30+ points almost every second week.

TE – Tight End Picks

Jimmy Graham $5,000 - We liked him last week and this week he again faces a defense that is weak against tight ends. The Seahawks have no run game and Graham is the only guy that I trust will score points at a relatively good salary cap price.


Philadelphia Eagles $3,300 – This is more of endorsement that the Broncos offense isn’t very good than the Eagles defense being that great. It’s a low price for a team that should contain the Broncos.

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