2016 Week 15 NFL Fantasy Picks and Lineups

2017 NFL Week 15 Fantasy Football Picks

FanDuel and DraftKings Week 15 PicksWell we didn’t win the $2 Million (I wouldn’t be writing fantasy picks for week 15 if I did) but I did learn a valuable lesson. Even the top fantasy players pick duds for their teams!

If you follow DFS at all you will know names like CONDIA, CSURAM, SaahilSud and 1ucror as being the top players at DraftKings and FanDuel. I have personally beat CONDIA a few times in small head to head fantasy baseball matchups but they make their winnings by playing high volume games and with their skill they do cash in some big prizes.

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It was comforting to see some of their picks while following the Live Final and shaking my head at some of the picks by the “Fantasy Football Experts”. In the end, never be intimidated playing against the big boys, they make bad fantasy picks too…it’s just hidden by the amount of different lineups they create.

This week FanDuel’s WFFC goes and another $1 Million paycheck will be given away. If you are too late to qualify for that prize you can still play in DraftKings FREE $10,000 Gronk Monster Energy Fantasy Football Contest. It’s the last one of the NFL season which also coincides with the fact that Gronk is basically gone now for the year with injury.

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FanDuel and DraftKings Fantasy Picks for this Week

QB – Quarterback Picks

Derek Carr - DK $6,300 - FD $7,900 – Raiders/Chargers should be a pretty good shootout and Derek Carr is too well priced not to take advantage of.

Aaron Rodgers - DK - $7,100 - FD $8,500 – Rodgers usually beats up on the Bears and the Packers are trying to claw their way back into the playoff race. A beat up defense is just what Rodgers will be looking at on Sunday.

Matt Ryan – DK $7,300 - FD $8,500 – It’s easy to predict that Matt Ryan will be able to throw at will against the 49ers. The question is how much will he get to throw? It should be enough to make your fantasy team points look good.

RB – Running Back Picks

Lamar Miller - DK $5,400 - FD $7,200 - The Texans will look to run their lead back again this week against the Jags. He is their only option in the run game and he’s a great value pick at DraftKings this week for your freeroll.

LeSean McCoy - DK - $8,900 - FD $9,000 – McCoy is healthy again and is ready to break out. Facing the Browns should be the perfect recipe for him on Sunday.

Christine Michael - DK $3,500 - FD $4,900 – This is a bit of a speculation pick as he was basically 50/50 with Ty Montgomery for carries last week but if the Packers build a decent lead they may just let Michael run out the clock and pick up points in garbage time.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

Amari Cooper - DK $7,100 - FD $7,400 – Cooper has been less than stellar lately but I love a stack with Derek Carr this week.

Sammy Watkins - DK $5,900 - FD $6,100 – The Bills get a chance to beat up on someone this week. I like Watkins to get fed thin week 15 to build an early lead and let McCoy then run the ball the rest of the game.

Jordy Nelson - DK $7,300 - FD $7,700 – Another great stack is Nelson and Rodgers against the Bears this week. Nelson and Rodgers have started to build their chemistry again and the weak secondary in Chicago could fall victim to their renewed Bromance.

TE – Tight End Picks

Travis Kelce - DK $5,900 - FD $6,900 – Kelce has had 4 straight 100 yard games and he is the best available TE on the board this week. He’s a great price at FanDuel to take advantage of in Week 15.

Antonio Gates - DK $4,100 - FD $5,300 – One of the few weapons left for San Diego and an old favorite of Rivers’. The Chargers may be forced to throw all day so Gates should get some decent value for his low cost.


Kansas City Chiefs - DK $3,400 - FD $4,500 – The Chiefs defense has been pretty good this year and face an unexciting Titans team. Good price for a team that is capable of scoring defensively.

Buffalo Bills - DK $3,700 - FD $5,100 –If the Buffalo Bills defense can’t shut down the Browns and get some points for sacks then they don’t deserve to even be in the NFL!

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