2017 FanDuel WFFC - World Fantasy Football Championship

2017 FanDuel WFFC

FanDuel $5 Million Fantasy Football Contest

The details for the 2017 FanDuel WFFC or World Fantasy Football Championship have finally been released and the news is BIG!

The FanDuel WFFC final will be December 10th, 2017 and will feature not just one fantasy football championship...but two!

The first championship is a Live Final event to be held in Los Angeles with only 75 qualifying spots and a grand prize of $500,000. Qualifiers run every Sunday ranging from $5 to $5,000.

The other WFFC Championship is a Fan Championship which you can qualify for as little as $1 and will have 18,000 spots filled all looking at winning the grand prize of $1 Million.

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What is so exciting about the 2017 FanDuel WFFC?

In total, FanDuel is giving away $6.5 Million in cash prizes and you can choose which championship to compete for...or compete in both and take home two grand prizes the same weekend!

In fact, if you qualify for the Live Final you will also get an entry into the FanDuel Fan Championship.

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