2015 FanDuel WFFC - World Fantasy Football Championship

2015 FanDuel $12 Million WFFC

FanDuel $5 Million Fantasy Football Contest

You want to be the envy of your fantasy football league buddies? How would you like to tell your boss you’re quitting because you won $3 Million playing fantasy football?

FanDuel’s annual World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC) has been announced for 2015 and it’s their BIGGEST prize pool ever!

$12 Million Total Prize Pool

1st Place - $3 Million

2ndPlace - $2 Million

3rd Place - $1 Million

FanDuel WFFC Prize Payouts

That’s a lot of cash just for picking a winning fantasy football lineup.

Best of all, you can qualify for a seat at the table for just $2!

Enter a Qualifying tournament for the 2015 FanDuel WFFC, set a salary cap lineup of fantasy football players and start deciding what you are going to spend your Millions on!

Click more details on the FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship

FanDuel Bonus

What is so exciting about the FanDuel WFFC?

$12 Million for a Fantasy Football contest is the BIGGEST prize FanDuel has ever given out and a grand prize of $3 Million is going to make you very popular in next year's fantasy football league get together.

FanDuel WFFC

You can’t win unless you enter so click here and get into the contest.

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